Airport Social Media Strategies

Social Media is not about Friends & Friends anymore, it is also relates about Companies & Customers.

“Social Media is a new marketing tool that allows you to get to know your customers and prospects in ways that were previously not possible. This information and knowledge must be paid for with output of respect, trustworthiness, and honesty. Social Media is not a fad, but I also think it’s just the beginning of the marketing revolution – not the end.”  Marjorie Clayman from Clayman Advertising Inc.

A new way of marketing, a new way of business, a new generation. That’s how important the social media are.


Choice of Social Media

Choosing an appropriate social media is important. Based on the type of business you are doing, where the customers sticks.

However, too many people focus on Facebook and Twitter, as their typical options of social media tools to help their organisations. If you are a beginner to implement social media strategy, you will definitely start with Facebook. As it is the biggest Social Media sites around the world. However, from the research of, comScore and Partnering Group. Other than Facebook,

  • 70% of consumers visits the firm’s website through a retail blog
  • 68% of consumers use Youtube for browsing products

Strategies for Brisbane Airport

1. Identify three types of people on social media network, connectors, mavens and salesman.

Start with Connectors,they connect and brings all the connection of people from anywhere together to gather the audiences.

After that, Mavens will naturally sharing positive information about the Brisbane Airport that will build up the reputation of Brisbane Airport.

Salesman, they are responsible to convince the customers. For Brisbane Airport, they might be travel agents.

2. Increase virality

Creating remarkable content is a way to increase virality. Berger and Milkman’s mentioned there are three important elements to make a remarkable content, which are positive information, emotion, and surprising information. For an example, Brisbane Airport might create a flashmob at the airport, which will definitely increase the virality of the social media.


Wikis? CRM

If you want to know how useful a wiki is? Checkout the wikipedia, and you will find it very USEFUL!! Two is better than one, thats how it works on wikis. Wiki allow every participants to edit the content in it, just like a virtual paper.

Continue with my case organisation: the Coca-Cola Company

As I mentioned in my previous blog (Coke Micro Blogging Strategy), it has over 139,000 employees and millions of fans all over the world.

With such a large amount of participants, wikis gets very useful to improve the collaboration between employees. Wikis works well on event management, sharing information, and project management. However, it also works on customer relationship management.

Start with a simple example, StaffX used to have a meeting with ClientA, after that he notes down everything such as status, company, client info on the wikis. While there is another guy StaffB are going to have another meeting with ClientA, StaffB can refer to the wikis and gets to know the info about ClientA. The amazing part is that wikis is a repeating process, that gather more and more information. Flexible, Convenient, Easy!

Come Up with an Idea and starting up a wikis is pretty simple. However, maintaining is challenging. While an Enterprise are implementing wikis on their business use there are few things that the manager has to consider.

Corey Stout’s Blog mentioned that these are the factors to consider before launching wikis:

  • Lay the foundation
  • Change mindsets
  • Think long-term

Before launching a wikis, wikis should be start with an internal team to build the “wiki culture” onto business use. Populating it to the organisation so that the wiki can be use wisely and frequently in the future. Besides that, employees should be train and teach on how to use the wikis, make sure everyone know how to use it and what is the purpose for using it. As wikis is a place for gathering information from various participant, it could be slow to have detail information in it. Thus, they should ensure the wikis are self-sustaining, and keep wikis works and benefits every participants.
Comparing to those complicate “official” CRM tools, do you think wikis is better?

Coke Micro Blogging Strategy

Coca-Cola. One of the top brand around the world. It is a beverage company founded by John Pemberton in 1886. It has 139,000 employees around the world and millions of fans/followers all over the world.

After the uprising of social media, they had implement social media strategy on blogging (Coca-Cola Official Blogs) and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter to benefit and build the reputation of the brand of Coca-Cola. All of us know that there are a lot of users on the internet who using social media, and to control the social media use on the brand, it is not an easy task.

In this case, the Social Media Policy is a powerful way to prevent issues or any negative event that could impact the company from the social media. They developed the Online Social Media Principles that guiding the user who speaking about coca-cola on any social media.

“These Online Social Media Principles have been developed to help empower our associates to participate in this new frontier of marketing and communications, represent our Company, and share the optimistic and positive spirits of our brands.” (Online Social Media Principles)

From the quote above, we can see that Coca-cola strongly emphasized that they used social media only for Marketing & Communication purpose that will benefit and positif to Coca-Cola.
Furthermore, a very interesting statement in the policies is that they strongly emphasized the difference between “Speaking on behalf of the Company” and “Speaking about the Company”. This statement helps differentiate the user of social media that speaking about the Company. For those associates agencies they are categorized as “Speaking about the Company”; User who represent the company such as employees are categorized as “Speaking on behalf of the Company”. Therefore, there are different policies for different user that prevent negative impact from social media that will impact the brand.

“When in doubt, do not post”, one of the principles for the representatives of Company. For an example, when people are arguing or attacking about a post written by a representatives, representatives should not reply. Every word spoken by the representatives could bring a large impact to the Company. Wrong information given by the representatives will bring the company in trouble.

In conclusion, setting a strong social media policy is one of the important strategy for micro blogging strategy. To ensure the positive way of using the social media and only benefits will affect the company.





Addressing ROI for E2.0

Measuring intangible result or outcome is a very challenging. ROI, whenever an implementation happened in an industry, it is always needed to prove that the implementation works and valuable. For the Top management level, COST & VALUE are both significant things that they are looking for to improve everything in the Organisation.

Below Figure is created by SocialCast Inc., it mentioned three simple and significant of what ROI should be address in an implementation of Enterprise 2.0.


Employee Engagement, Turnover Rate, Sales these are the three important impacts for an organisation.

Employee Engagement

As mentioned in the figure above, Enterprise 2.0 improve the Employee Engagement by making the activities transparent and improving the works by getting real time feedback. In one of my previous blog Benefit & Risk of Organisation, I gave an example of the Bridgespan Group. The project manager used blog post instead of email by posting blog post for certain projects, and collecting quality feedback from the employees to improve the quality of the project. The increased of employee engagement definitely helps and benefit the organisation, therefore it can be stated in the ROI of implementation of Enterprise 2.0.

Turnover Rate

If an organisation has a high turnover rate, it may affect the hiring cost and productivity of the organisation. Hiring cost is a significant loss that the organisation has to spend on advertising, job training, and administrative cost whenever they lose a worker. Furthermore, the productivity will definitely slow and decrease. A new worker is always inexperienced on the work of the organisation, therefore, the Co-workers will have to re-teach and re-train the new worker to work on a task. After a long circulation, experienced worker are less and not staying for long in the organisation.


Sales is where the main revenue of an organisation come from. Increasing sales will definitely benefit the organisation to gain profit. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 wisely can increase the sales of the organisation. As mentioned in the figure above, social software helps worker to react faster to the customer request, knowing the news about the competition, and share insights into key customer account. With a good customer service provided on the social tool, customer will start to like the service of the organisation and the sales will be increased.


Conclude the content above, ROI for the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 can be measured and intangible results can affect the main tangible results.




Needs of Social Media Policy

In social media law, boundaries between Work life and Personal Life are very confusing. When an organization implemented or involve in a social media technology such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs. Legal risk is automatically come in that the organization has to be prepared and face it properly. Loss of confidential information, wrongful dismissal for employment, technology risk, statutory risk, reputation risk, occupation and organization specific risk, these are all possible risk can be taken by an organization. This is where shows the important for the existing of Social Media Policy, to protect them from the “DARK” side of the social media.


Example Case

I will use the Apple inc. as an example for this blog to explain the legal risks. Apple Inc. a company that are selling technology devices product and provide services such as guidance and any help or information about their product to their customers. Before Apple release and announce their new product, everything information related to this product will be confidential from the outside world. With a large amount of employees, it is very hard to prevent the disclosure of the confidential information about a new product without setting the social media policy. For an example, there are lots of rumors out there guessing what will be the next design of the next generation iPhone. An Apple employee comment in the rumors discussion might leak some of the information about the new design of the iPhone.



In the above cases, Apple must address the policy, which will restrict their employees from participating on any social media sites to assure the protection of the confidential information.


This is one of the social media policies by Apple:


“Protect Apple’s confidential information. As an Apple employee you have an obligation to protect the confidential, proprietary and trade secret information of the company. This obligation is laid out in several places including the Intellectual Property Agreement you signed when hired and in Apple’s Confidential Information Policy. For example, do not discuss any Apple confidential information including your store’s financial or business performance, and the timing, pricing or design of Apple’s products. Also, do not post pictures of the inside of the Apple Store – including the back of house – as those are not generally made public. Finally, do not post or disclose the contents of any Apple policy. These documents are intended for the use of Apple employees, and not for public distribution.”


Furthermore, I found that there is an interesting policy covers the boundaries between works and personal life.


“Whether or not you as an Apple employee choose to create or participate in a blog, wiki, online social network or any other form of online publishing or discussion is your own choice. In general, what you do on your own time is your business. However, activities that affect your job performance, the performance of other Apple employees, or Apple’s business interests are still covered by company policies and guidelines. This applies whether you engage in these activities in or outside of work, and whether or not you identify yourself as an Apple employee.”


In this policy, it clearly stated that anything that you did which will affect the works in Apple will be consider as violation as well.



Benefit & Risk of Organization

As Enterprise 2.0 is going more and more common, you just can’t ignore the powerful and strength of this technology. Things like blogs, wikis, social media sites will be very helpful for an enterprise as well if they use it wisely as in srategic manner.

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Enterprise 2.0 in an organization is Staff Engagement. Before the Enterprise 2.0 exists, when there is a project which the project manager seeking improvement and tend to get some feedback from the staffs. They usually communicate through email, the staff will then send their feedback or suggestions to the project manager. The project manager has to spend some times to first have to confirm whether the email is the feedback from the staff and read it one by one. This little process does wasted lots of time for the project manager and inefficient to receive feedback.

In this case, this is where the Enterprise 2.0 shows its strength in. The benefit of the Staff Engagement!

This is exactly what happened to the non-profit organization the Bridgespan Group


Source of case studies:

They implemented the Enterprise 2.0 by creating a blog that posted some videos related to the developing project and gather feedback from all the stakeholders.

Previous Solution Email

The feedback or suggestion from the staff can be only view by the project managers. Other senders cannot read and interact with the others senders’ feedback.

Current Solution Blogs

Blogs makes the comments publicly viewable by all staffs; interaction such as comments might stimulate more quality feedback as well.

Source of case studies:

However, the implementing of blogs may reduce the productivity of staffs. When there is more interaction occur in the blogs, the staff wil start to spending more time on the blogs. Too much time spending on the social media site might causes the staff to not focusing on their work. The staff might use this as an excuse for not using the working time to do other works.

Web 2.0 & ME

As I first met this term “Web 2.0”, I was wondering what does that means? Is that programming language or a principles to design a website?….I got the answer….Nope~

I don’t even realised that I had started using it for a few years ….If I am not mistaken, the first web 2.0 tool I used was Windows Live Blogs. I was a very quite student during secondary school, I wasn’t very close with my classmates. However, after I started using Windows Live Blogs to blog for a few months, my classmates started to pay close attention on me and even asking me for having lunch together. I was blogging my every days life, sometimes I put some funny story I saw at school or class and wrote it in a more hilarious way. My classmates told me that they love the way I mention everything happened in school. It just help me to be closer with my classmates, and even making friends from the other classes. These days of blogging just ended after the Windows Live Blogs is being shut down.

Facebook is the next social tool that I used in the web 2.0. One of my favourite functions of Facebook is the Grouping function. It is very useful for an Organisations and groups to announce their recent event, I used to join a small coca-cola collectors club. Before using Facebook for communication, the club uses email to contact with every members which causes me to check my email frequently to be able to get the news of that club. However, after they switch it to Facebook groups, I am able to find out those events that I wanted to attend easily.

Other than the social tools, there is a tool that I used it for a long time and never change for it, It is a very useful as the internet connection in Malaysia (my country) used to be very unstable. That’s really pissing me off as the internet connection is very slow in sometimes. This had heavily interrupted me to watch videos on Youtube, or visiting flash websites. That is the reason why I used the Speedtest tool to test the connection speed and determine whether I am able to watch Youtube.



It's a web 2.0 world.

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