Web 2.0 & ME

As I first met this term “Web 2.0”, I was wondering what does that means? Is that programming language or a principles to design a website?….I got the answer….Nope~

I don’t even realised that I had started using it for a few years ….If I am not mistaken, the first web 2.0 tool I used was Windows Live Blogs. I was a very quite student during secondary school, I wasn’t very close with my classmates. However, after I started using Windows Live Blogs to blog for a few months, my classmates started to pay close attention on me and even asking me for having lunch together. I was blogging my every days life, sometimes I put some funny story I saw at school or class and wrote it in a more hilarious way. My classmates told me that they love the way I mention everything happened in school. It just help me to be closer with my classmates, and even making friends from the other classes. These days of blogging just ended after the Windows Live Blogs is being shut down.

Facebook is the next social tool that I used in the web 2.0. One of my favourite functions of Facebook is the Grouping function. It is very useful for an Organisations and groups to announce their recent event, I used to join a small coca-cola collectors club. Before using Facebook for communication, the club uses email to contact with every members which causes me to check my email frequently to be able to get the news of that club. However, after they switch it to Facebook groups, I am able to find out those events that I wanted to attend easily.

Other than the social tools, there is a tool that I used it for a long time and never change for it, Speedtest.net. It is a very useful as the internet connection in Malaysia (my country) used to be very unstable. That’s really pissing me off as the internet connection is very slow in sometimes. This had heavily interrupted me to watch videos on Youtube, or visiting flash websites. That is the reason why I used the Speedtest tool to test the connection speed and determine whether I am able to watch Youtube.



About Kai Siang

Studying my Final Semester in QUT! Wahahah Bachelor of I.T.

5 responses to “Web 2.0 & ME”

  1. ricksongoh says :

    Is good that know you using web2.0 since secondary school, perhaps people in our age are more likely interact with web2.0 in secondary school time, as the time and technology continuously improving, web2.0 are also came into the enterprise area, enterprise using web2.0 to explorer more potential user and increase their reputation. anyway i hope to look forward to your next post.

  2. Adrian says :

    Early adoption is the key to success , way the go . Great pointers you provided

  3. zenghoong says :

    Can really identify with you when you mention Windows Live Blogs and Facebook. Really use them a lot and find them very fun and useful. Though I’m not too sure Speedtest.net is considered a Web2.0 tool. 😛

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