Benefit & Risk of Organization

As Enterprise 2.0 is going more and more common, you just can’t ignore the powerful and strength of this technology. Things like blogs, wikis, social media sites will be very helpful for an enterprise as well if they use it wisely as in srategic manner.

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Enterprise 2.0 in an organization is Staff Engagement. Before the Enterprise 2.0 exists, when there is a project which the project manager seeking improvement and tend to get some feedback from the staffs. They usually communicate through email, the staff will then send their feedback or suggestions to the project manager. The project manager has to spend some times to first have to confirm whether the email is the feedback from the staff and read it one by one. This little process does wasted lots of time for the project manager and inefficient to receive feedback.

In this case, this is where the Enterprise 2.0 shows its strength in. The benefit of the Staff Engagement!

This is exactly what happened to the non-profit organization the Bridgespan Group


Source of case studies:

They implemented the Enterprise 2.0 by creating a blog that posted some videos related to the developing project and gather feedback from all the stakeholders.

Previous Solution Email

The feedback or suggestion from the staff can be only view by the project managers. Other senders cannot read and interact with the others senders’ feedback.

Current Solution Blogs

Blogs makes the comments publicly viewable by all staffs; interaction such as comments might stimulate more quality feedback as well.

Source of case studies:

However, the implementing of blogs may reduce the productivity of staffs. When there is more interaction occur in the blogs, the staff wil start to spending more time on the blogs. Too much time spending on the social media site might causes the staff to not focusing on their work. The staff might use this as an excuse for not using the working time to do other works.


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  1. Andrew Rozo says :

    Productivity is quite an important thing for all organisations, and I’m definitely also of the opinion that web 2.0 technologies can be utilized to increase workplace effectiveness. one of my favourite innovations in this space is the recent use of ‘Gamification’ principles alongside web 2.0. Gamification implements ideas such as achievement rewards, competitive elements, and other methods that get workers more excitement and enjoyment out of otherwise monotonous tasks! if you have the time definitely look into it if you find the time!

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