Addressing ROI for E2.0

Measuring intangible result or outcome is a very challenging. ROI, whenever an implementation happened in an industry, it is always needed to prove that the implementation works and valuable. For the Top management level, COST & VALUE are both significant things that they are looking for to improve everything in the Organisation.

Below Figure is created by SocialCast Inc., it mentioned three simple and significant of what ROI should be address in an implementation of Enterprise 2.0.


Employee Engagement, Turnover Rate, Sales these are the three important impacts for an organisation.

Employee Engagement

As mentioned in the figure above, Enterprise 2.0 improve the Employee Engagement by making the activities transparent and improving the works by getting real time feedback. In one of my previous blog Benefit & Risk of Organisation, I gave an example of the Bridgespan Group. The project manager used blog post instead of email by posting blog post for certain projects, and collecting quality feedback from the employees to improve the quality of the project. The increased of employee engagement definitely helps and benefit the organisation, therefore it can be stated in the ROI of implementation of Enterprise 2.0.

Turnover Rate

If an organisation has a high turnover rate, it may affect the hiring cost and productivity of the organisation. Hiring cost is a significant loss that the organisation has to spend on advertising, job training, and administrative cost whenever they lose a worker. Furthermore, the productivity will definitely slow and decrease. A new worker is always inexperienced on the work of the organisation, therefore, the Co-workers will have to re-teach and re-train the new worker to work on a task. After a long circulation, experienced worker are less and not staying for long in the organisation.


Sales is where the main revenue of an organisation come from. Increasing sales will definitely benefit the organisation to gain profit. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 wisely can increase the sales of the organisation. As mentioned in the figure above, social software helps worker to react faster to the customer request, knowing the news about the competition, and share insights into key customer account. With a good customer service provided on the social tool, customer will start to like the service of the organisation and the sales will be increased.


Conclude the content above, ROI for the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 can be measured and intangible results can affect the main tangible results.





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