Coke Micro Blogging Strategy

Coca-Cola. One of the top brand around the world. It is a beverage company founded by John Pemberton in 1886. It has 139,000 employees around the world and millions of fans/followers all over the world.

After the uprising of social media, they had implement social media strategy on blogging (Coca-Cola Official Blogs) and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter to benefit and build the reputation of the brand of Coca-Cola. All of us know that there are a lot of users on the internet who using social media, and to control the social media use on the brand, it is not an easy task.

In this case, the Social Media Policy is a powerful way to prevent issues or any negative event that could impact the company from the social media. They developed the Online Social Media Principles that guiding the user who speaking about coca-cola on any social media.

“These Online Social Media Principles have been developed to help empower our associates to participate in this new frontier of marketing and communications, represent our Company, and share the optimistic and positive spirits of our brands.” (Online Social Media Principles)

From the quote above, we can see that Coca-cola strongly emphasized that they used social media only for Marketing & Communication purpose that will benefit and positif to Coca-Cola.
Furthermore, a very interesting statement in the policies is that they strongly emphasized the difference between “Speaking on behalf of the Company” and “Speaking about the Company”. This statement helps differentiate the user of social media that speaking about the Company. For those associates agencies they are categorized as “Speaking about the Company”; User who represent the company such as employees are categorized as “Speaking on behalf of the Company”. Therefore, there are different policies for different user that prevent negative impact from social media that will impact the brand.

“When in doubt, do not post”, one of the principles for the representatives of Company. For an example, when people are arguing or attacking about a post written by a representatives, representatives should not reply. Every word spoken by the representatives could bring a large impact to the Company. Wrong information given by the representatives will bring the company in trouble.

In conclusion, setting a strong social media policy is one of the important strategy for micro blogging strategy. To ensure the positive way of using the social media and only benefits will affect the company.






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2 responses to “Coke Micro Blogging Strategy”

  1. Adrian says :

    You mentioned a very crucial pointer to be practiced by web 2.0 adopters , when in doubt , do not post . The responsibility of a representative to post updates to micro blogging platform very much affect the reputation of the company , should the information be posted to be incorrect , it could put the company into situation (worst case scenario) to face a lawsuit , therefore , strict social media policy need to be put in place to ensure nothing like such happen .

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