Wikis? CRM

If you want to know how useful a wiki is? Checkout the wikipedia, and you will find it very USEFUL!! Two is better than one, thats how it works on wikis. Wiki allow every participants to edit the content in it, just like a virtual paper.

Continue with my case organisation: the Coca-Cola Company

As I mentioned in my previous blog (Coke Micro Blogging Strategy), it has over 139,000 employees and millions of fans all over the world.

With such a large amount of participants, wikis gets very useful to improve the collaboration between employees. Wikis works well on event management, sharing information, and project management. However, it also works on customer relationship management.

Start with a simple example, StaffX used to have a meeting with ClientA, after that he notes down everything such as status, company, client info on the wikis. While there is another guy StaffB are going to have another meeting with ClientA, StaffB can refer to the wikis and gets to know the info about ClientA. The amazing part is that wikis is a repeating process, that gather more and more information. Flexible, Convenient, Easy!

Come Up with an Idea and starting up a wikis is pretty simple. However, maintaining is challenging. While an Enterprise are implementing wikis on their business use there are few things that the manager has to consider.

Corey Stout’s Blog mentioned that these are the factors to consider before launching wikis:

  • Lay the foundation
  • Change mindsets
  • Think long-term

Before launching a wikis, wikis should be start with an internal team to build the “wiki culture” onto business use. Populating it to the organisation so that the wiki can be use wisely and frequently in the future. Besides that, employees should be train and teach on how to use the wikis, make sure everyone know how to use it and what is the purpose for using it. As wikis is a place for gathering information from various participant, it could be slow to have detail information in it. Thus, they should ensure the wikis are self-sustaining, and keep wikis works and benefits every participants.
Comparing to those complicate “official” CRM tools, do you think wikis is better?


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2 responses to “Wikis? CRM”

  1. adamhijazi says :

    Exactly, you have to set the ground rules for a wiki before it has a chance of being successful. Like my reply to Sarah’s blog ( I think a wiki really needs to be nurtured to mature into something useful. It is easy to throw together a huge amount of information, people could just dump random files on their computer saved in txt format to a wiki… but this wouldn’t be very useful would it?

    By establishing ground rules you are saying that this is the type of content that is acceptable. By establishing goals and checkpoints you are saying to your users that the wiki should be at ‘this’ point by now and capable of achieving ‘this’. An example may be a wiki that is a knowledge base for a new piece of software that has just been developed. A short term goal could be to have all immediate bug fixes cataloged and easily accessible, while a long term goal could be to have every aspect of the software covered somewhere in the wiki. If the software can do it, and a client is asking about it, by looking at the wiki you should be able to empower yourself, and the client.

  2. nawafaldegheishem says :


    Interesting post, I like how you mentioned the difficulties of implementing Wiki strategy beside its advantages, as you said participants should be trained is very important, specifically tool like wiki can end with a mess, if everyone adding information, but not deleting or updating when the data no longer is needed.


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