Airport Social Media Strategies

Social Media is not about Friends & Friends anymore, it is also relates about Companies & Customers.

“Social Media is a new marketing tool that allows you to get to know your customers and prospects in ways that were previously not possible. This information and knowledge must be paid for with output of respect, trustworthiness, and honesty. Social Media is not a fad, but I also think it’s just the beginning of the marketing revolution – not the end.”  Marjorie Clayman from Clayman Advertising Inc.

A new way of marketing, a new way of business, a new generation. That’s how important the social media are.


Choice of Social Media

Choosing an appropriate social media is important. Based on the type of business you are doing, where the customers sticks.

However, too many people focus on Facebook and Twitter, as their typical options of social media tools to help their organisations. If you are a beginner to implement social media strategy, you will definitely start with Facebook. As it is the biggest Social Media sites around the world. However, from the research of, comScore and Partnering Group. Other than Facebook,

  • 70% of consumers visits the firm’s website through a retail blog
  • 68% of consumers use Youtube for browsing products

Strategies for Brisbane Airport

1. Identify three types of people on social media network, connectors, mavens and salesman.

Start with Connectors,they connect and brings all the connection of people from anywhere together to gather the audiences.

After that, Mavens will naturally sharing positive information about the Brisbane Airport that will build up the reputation of Brisbane Airport.

Salesman, they are responsible to convince the customers. For Brisbane Airport, they might be travel agents.

2. Increase virality

Creating remarkable content is a way to increase virality. Berger and Milkman’s mentioned there are three important elements to make a remarkable content, which are positive information, emotion, and surprising information. For an example, Brisbane Airport might create a flashmob at the airport, which will definitely increase the virality of the social media.


About Kai Siang

Studying my Final Semester in QUT! Wahahah Bachelor of I.T.

2 responses to “Airport Social Media Strategies”

  1. Hoo Wan Goh says :

    Hi kai,

    Is good to read your blog post, as I can see that your blog are base on the lecturer slide within the week10 slide point.. that is good to point out the way to analyze and implement social networking, and I think you should talk more about how to use these 3 element “connectors”, “mavens”, and “salesman” on social networking implementation. What I though about these 3 elements is just the structure of the social network, but it might not helpful without a true strategies after analyzed these types of people.

    about your second strategies, I am agree with your point of view as to make a remarkable content, the content itself have to be positive information, emotion, and surprising information. But how it would help brisbane airport to implement this in the future as Flash mob is not longer surprising event, but indeed flash mob are still one of the event that could help brisbane airport to gain more reputation and focus.

    anyway good luck for us in the coming final exam as our last sem.. Good luck Bro…. see you around XD

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