Blogging Strategy in a Marketing Strategy View

Determine and Understand the Customer

Before discussing how to marketing a product, understanding and determine the customer’s needs, expectation, demand is always the first step to think about. It is very important to figure out what kind of stuff that customers most care about.

To apply this into the BLOGGING way, as we know most of our readers here are students from INB346 Enterprise 2.0. And the most important points here is that students needs to collect points/marks from this blogging activity! However, it doesn’t mean that any type of title or blogs does attract readers to read or visit other’s blog. As a part of readers, I will prefer blogs with cute or interesting photos, rather than looking at a bunch of words.

Analyze the Market

This is where we put our effort on market research that investigate internal & external environment, market trends, market demand.

Every time when we start BLOGGING, what title and what to write are the questions to write a blog. Blogging sometimes treat as an online diary that record things happened in that period of time. Otherwise, a title is the core to write something about it. In other words, we can use the marketing term “Market Trends” to explain how to set-up a title for a blog. We can write about recent news or opinion about certain popular events. For an example, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) just had a show on the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. We might just use this as the content and discuss about it by writing a blog. Therefore, readers are more familiar with it that is more attractive.

Setting Marketing Goal

Setting a marketing goal aims to be success that every marketing process is helping and supporting the marketing goal. Ensure the direction of the journey of the marketing processes.

BLOGGING can be direct by many reasons. Some people use it to relax and express under pressure by using WORDS, and there are people who use it to increase their reputation. Furthermore, you can use it to branded yourself and build your own image.

source from: Rethink Marketing 2012 (


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